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When it comes to selecting a dog grooming services we are the best and mostly preferred by the customers because of our top quality work. We offer our clients with the comprehensive service for their dogs at an affordable rate which is satisfactory to all. Consult us for the customized service that caters all your specific needs and is in your budget. You can have complete faith on us and leave your lovable pet dogs in our safe hands.


Dog Shampooing

Dog shampooing depends on the time they spend outdoors and exposed to dirt because frequent shampooing can make them loose the required oils on their skin and make it dry which in turn will make their skin itchy. We are able to evaluate the exact interval needed for shampooing their skin for cleanliness. We can use homemade or other shampoos available in the market. We make sure to use herbal and mild shampoos that do not have any kind of negative effect on the skin of the dogs.

Dog De-matting

Dogs de-matting are the tangle of their fluffy hairs that they get into by engaging themselves into various kinds of activity which happens because of dirt getting stuck on their upper or inner coat. Usually de-matting is done by brushing or combing the hairs of the dogs without causing them pain so that they would not hesitate in getting this work done in future. Since we are specialists in dealing with all this we are well equipped and trained to do this job in best possible way.

Mobile Dog Grooming

One of the reasons why we are famous in Altona and Williamstown is because of the mobile dog grooming service. It means we serve our customers across number of cities and we come to you for grooming your dog. It is a great relief to you as you do not have to waste your time in dropping and picking them.

We are pleased to serve your dog and give them an attractive look by grooming them hence contact us and receive assured positive results.